September 05, 2014

For Angelina jolie customized shoes look like?

For Angelina jolie, Hollywood star is just one of her identity, Christian louboutin montreal "social activists" and "part-time" designer, is also important in her life, she just last week one more identity, that is brad Pitt's wife. Run for nearly 10 years of love, finally let them together, they are now is the envy of people Canada christian louboutin outlet around the world a model husband and wife.

We all know that Angelina Jolie love emerald, and in 2012, with jewelry designer Robert Procop cooperation design the eponymous "Style of Jolie" series. After film after many years, because Christian louboutin canada outlet of the film "the sleeping curse", the source of her work with the red bottom shoes brand Christian Louboutin has launched called Malangeli shoes series.

If you have a focus on Julie's red carpet,christian louboutin canada I believe you have that kind of shoes on the feet is not strange to her. Impose wedge heel horn for decoration, such as plumes of the forepart impose a halftone, decoration, according to Julie in the role in the movie launched a limited high heels.

Not only incorporates the view of the movie "the fantasy, but also retain the brand has been pure manual design. And launched three color black, white, gold, the classic red and black and white, aureate collocation, coupled with the unique design style, memorable. And make to order each pair just $1600, the world only made the 96 pairs. christian louboutin shoes More worthy of attention, all the shoes sold, all proceeds will be donated to SOS. It has once again demonstrated Julie "social activists" identity.

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